Mouse for Cats

This free high definition game is made by cat lovers, with cats and only for cats. Comprising of 11 mouse levels, the aim is to catch virtual mouse. The coloring and sound of the mice were created specifically for your cat’s entertainment.
Dowload and catch the mouse!
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Supports iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, built for iOS 6/Android 4 and newer

About game

2D iOS and Android game for cats

You can forget the laser point.

This iPad and Android Tablet app for cats is FREE, give you 11 different mouse skins and more is coming soon...
Tap on screen and drive mouse to get cat interested in game. Our cat testers reaching score 100 in few seconds, some of them are able to recognize Mouse for Cats icon and start whole application from home screen!! You can try Mouse for Cats even on small iPhone, but game is best on iPad with retina display. Mouse for cats was developed in 2010 by PetrV-kozIT.

Check how to play Mouse for Cats game for free!

High detailed 2D animations

Let your cat enjoy ultra HD graphics with retina display.

Mouse skins

Find which one fits to your cat

Tuned sound for cat ears

Mice play sounds in cats audible spectrum.

Game settings

Multi Mouse, Level Order and Speed, Vibrations, Mouse selection, Screen lock and more.

System requirements

You can run this game on iPad, iPhone,iPod or Android, iOS6/Android 4+ and newer is recommended.

Frequently asked questions

iOS: Sound problems

There is no time limit in free version. You must hear default free squeak sounds. Purchasing unlocks will not fix your sound issue.

No squeak or mice sounds since iOS10

Can't get the free squeak sound?
  • 99% solution: Check device Volume, Ringer switch or Mute icon, Do-not-distrub
  • Close Mouse for Cats app and start it again.
    How to close app?

  • Double press Home button, swipe up to close ALL apps and then start Mouse for Cats.
  • Swipe from bottom of screen to get Control center, disable Mute (Bell should not be red).
  • Check device Ringer Switch on iPhone and iPad prior to Air2 (side of device).
  • Verify that you can hear keyboard clicks and sounds from other apps.
  • Reset your device settings to defaul via Settings.
  • no sound on iOS - external link
  • Optionaly try to hard-restart your device by holding Menu and Power Buttons until device goes black.
Verify clean device start: No apps should run after restart, sounds should work as expected.

    How to restart iOS device:
  • 1. Hold down the on/off button and home button at the same time.
  • 2. Keep holding, you need to hold both buttons down for about 10 seconds.
  • While holding, you may see the “slide to power off” screen show up, just ignore this.
  • You’ll know that your device has been successfully refreshed once the Apple logo displays on the start up screen, you can now release the buttons.
  • 5. Wait for your iPad to start up; usually after a hard refresh, it can take 1-2 minutes.
Note: hard reset/reboot/restart is same like to power off TV, your data will remain untouched. Full erase is called 'factory reset' it will delete all your data - you need backup first!


Join "Mouse For Cats: TestFlight" - sound related testing program and get Full version for free.
iTunes Store: Customer Reviews
Ad Covers Menu Choices
Nov 29, 2020 ★★★ Cuz I care
My cats likes a lot but the ad that does not go away also doesn’t allow me to see or make choices on the top of the menu. I’m ok with ads but not when they interfere with the usage of the game. For that I can only give 3 stars.
Really is a great app
Nov 25, 2020 ★★★★★ hxkckeixjsnajso
My stubborn 15 year old Maine coon loves it. Thankful this app exists 😸
Our cats love it and play now!😸
Nov 23, 2020 ★★★★★ sirsimonm
The first few times we tried they just watched very closely. We'd tap and pull on the mouse and they’d just... watch. Very keenly, mind you. We’ve had the game for a number of months. Bring it out now and again—two of ours love it now! They’ll often swipe behind the iPad but get loads of hits in! Just noticed that there was a paid option—totally worth it! I’d love to see a fully-featured version of their Fishing (also for cats) game. It is also beautifully done (very talented 3D artists). Thank you for this! Feature request: some additional floors/backgrounds Again, thanks! 💕😸
Nov 19, 2020 ★★★★★ Lemminosalt
My cats love this game. You deserve money for making it!
Nov 15, 2020 ★★★★ Enlightenedstar
My kitty has become totally obsessed with this game. Every time I pull out my iPad he comes running. He would play for hours if I let him.
3 Cats
Nov 15, 2020 ★★★★★ Andy 🌌🌙
I have three cats, two are very playful other is not.. they both LOVED the game. Mostly my white kitten ❤️😂 every time I boot up the game SHES THERE. She loves the app! I’m not quite sure what paying for it does yet.. but just using the free one is amazing!
Nov 09, 2020 ★★★★★ Dorajean722
This is a great game! My 5 month old cat Maximilian (Max) has gotten obsessed with this much so..that every time I went to sit down to work or use my computer..he sits by my side..taps his right paw and looks at me with those sad eyes..and I give in. Well, it got so bad...I decided to download the game on my mini iPad and that is now his...when I get on my computer, I start his and we are both happy and not disturbing each other...I watched him once and he got up to 434 Pt’
Just found out my kitten likes games
Nov 06, 2020 ★★★★★ Po pearl
I have a kitten named squirrel, and she loves messing around on my iPad while I’m doing school work, I’ll edit my review once the game downloads
Nov 04, 2020 ★★★★★ hebdudndnhf
My cat is a male grey and black American shorthair I love him so much I have had him for a while. I have time to play with him but not as much as I would like. I got a book that told me about cats his breed was famous for catching mice. So I got this app it’s so great he will play for a long time I think you guys should get this app if you cat is bored. It looks kinda fake but the way it moves and sounds is the best. I recommend this game thank you for reading this.
All they want is money
Oct 26, 2020hejgkakghwbdif
This app is terrible. You can get into the menu but all they care about is showing you ads which disables you from basically using the app because the whole time theres a ad covering half the screen. Absolutely asinine.
Oct 23, 2020 ★★★★★ g5xAbot
Thank my pet kitten love this game.
Doesn’t work
Oct 19, 2020 ★★★ Khloė
It doesn’t work for my cat though it’s probably a very good app but it is fun to tap on the mice.
Oct 19, 2020 ★★★★ kittenlovex27
My cats love it but the ads at the top of the screen are pretty annoying because it makes my screen glitch. That’s my only complaint.
What the heck!
Oct 10, 2020 ★★ Toobusy9561
Downloaded the app and the cat loves it. But every time we go back to the menu page, a banner ad covers up 1/3 of the controls. You can’t X out of it either. You go to the ad page and return and the ad banner is still there. I thought, the cat like it, I’ll just pay to remove the ads but guess what - the ad banner covers that up too so can’t even do that. Ads should be at the bottom of menu pages and not over top of the controls!
Our 4 cats are all fans
Oct 07, 2020 ★★★★★ gtown1968
All 4 cats play with it slightly differently but they all enjoy it. We often just leave the iPad sitting on the floor with this app and they come and go to play throughout the day. TIP 1: If you leave it unattended, turn off WiFi to save battery but also because they get rough with it and end up exiting the app. The still hit the screen and can enter another app or App Store and might spend money! TIP 2: They may attack the iPad when you’re using it since they know the mice are in there!
Almost too good
Oct 01, 2020 ★★★★★ Hmsla
Our theee cats love it but so does our dog. He loves it so much that I’m worried it’s giving him a complex. When we’re done playing, he routinely spends at least a half hour searching for “the mice that must be under the iPad”. Furthermore he thinks anything dark and rectangular is an iPad with mice. He knocks over these items trying to find where the mice went. So anyway, cats really do love it but use again your own risk of being annoyed if you have a dog.
😂 (please read)
Sep 25, 2020 ★★★★★ BrainierRain
My cat didn’t understand that she was supposed to use her paws. She kept trying to lick and bite the mice 🐁😂I will see if it works with my other cat. By the way I love that I am able to drag/hold down the mouse. I recommend you add a computer mouse that would be funny 😺 Edit: My other cat didn’t like it but it’s okay I understand it depends on the cat’s personality and energy level 🤷🏽‍♀️😄
Best mouse game for cats ever!!
Sep 19, 2020 ★★★★★ Eevayy
My cats love this game, the mouse makes loud noises so they are always interested, there are no ads, and the game is completely customizable! This is the best mouse game for cats. Other apps have a billion adds and huge “get rid of adds for $500” buttons while you play them. Me and my cats love this game.
Sep 18, 2020DETRIOT313
Pro tip: Use “Guided Access”
Sep 18, 2020 ★★★★★ Blitz sideways
Omg my kitten loves this app and I love it because it keeps him occupied when I’m still trying to sleep in the morning lol at first he would accidentally swipe between apps or to the home screen but then I discovered “guided access.” It locks the screen so children (or cats) don’t accidentally switch apps and buy things. NOW IT’S PERFECT 😻
She loves it!
Sep 15, 2020 ★★★★★ MickiPark
I still call it my ipad, but every time I pick it up, my cat’s cute little face pops up from wherever she was. Those big, bright, excited eyes are really hard to resist!
She like them,,,
Sep 13, 2020 ★★★★★ Clovis Gal
Have a 11 week old Siamese that loves to lay in my arms in play these mouse games,, she loves when they squeak
Sep 08, 2020 ★★★★★ cleo is the best
My cat LOVES it so good
Fun for all ages
Sep 07, 2020 ★★★★★ BlueStickey
My 18 y.o. old-lady cat doesn’t do much playing anymore. She mostly wants food, naps and snuggles. When I tapped the mouse to make it squeak she woke up and got very interested. I put my iPad on the floor and she played with it for a good five minutes before going back to her nap, which is longer that any toy has held her interest in quite some time.
Plan on purchasing your cat his own iPad....
Sep 02, 2020 ★★★★★ NillaBean Chaney
Wow! Our new kitty LOVES this. It has turned him into a video game mouse fiend. Guess he will be living at home well in to his 20’s, will not have a girlfriend and will yell “mom...bring me a snack!” often. So, yeah, this app will make your kitty cat very happy!
Aug 29, 2020 ★★★★★ The Grinch 355
MY CAT CANT STOP PLAYING ON THIS GAME its so funny get it believe me its not like other cat games
The worst game ever
Aug 27, 2020blood pach wolf
My cat doesn’t even care about the mice and I don’t think that they should because this is stupid
Ashe loves it!
Aug 26, 2020 ★★★★★ Darling Witchie
My cat absolutely loves the game, I felt bad closing the app just to give it the 5 star review because he just wanted to catch the mousies!
My 4 month old puppy loves this
Aug 22, 2020 ★★★★★ carlyle717
I have a ChiPoo and she loves this game. She is always looking for the mice under the tablet.
Aug 19, 2020 ★★★★ simba my kitten
My almost 4 month kitten loves this he wasn’t interested in the other 2 apps I downloaded but with this one he was purring and trying to catch the mouse😂
They love it
Aug 17, 2020 ★★★★★ Kendra Christine K
My cat’s absolutely LOVE this game!
My cat is crazy now
Aug 17, 2020 ★★★★★ mothers girls
Hi my cat is super playful and when I got this I was so happy I used to drop my iPad and it went on the game I heard a lot of noise and my cat was on my iPad beating the game
It’s makes my cat happy😸
Aug 13, 2020 ★★★★★ puppy🥰♥️1770
My cat loves it he’s so jumpy and scared this helps him calm down
Jul 26, 2020 ★★★★★ akrgirl
My cat is wowed. I am wowed. Best game ever!!! The cats think it’s so fun to play!!! If I were you I would get it!!!
My cats really have fun!
Jul 25, 2020 ★★★★★ AJShelly
I have two cats, a boy (6) and a girl (5). They love pouncing on my iPad together to catch the different mice. They try to eat them too! They look under my iPad when the mice go off screen. So fun to watch them play together. I wish I could post a video to show you this app is for real!
App doesn’t allow changes
Jul 23, 2020 ★★ reallycantleavename
My cat watches and taps occasionally but the app won’t let you change anything-number if mice, sounds etc
Thankyou so much!!!
Jul 22, 2020 ★★★★★ mild borborygmus
This game is the world to my cat!! Thankyou so much for making it free she obsessed’
My cat 🐱 loves it so much!
Jul 14, 2020 ★★★★★ Rmayday
So in the beginning she just watched but then she started to hit the screen! She loves it she got like 108 hits it’s awsome me and my cat are like best friends we do every thing together! She really likes it! She even pulled my I pad and she took it and then bit the end me and my sister loved watching her hit the mice she even bites the screen!!!🤣🤣🤣 please make more 😊😊 :) my cat loves it!
Jul 14, 2020 ★★★★★ madcatmadison11
My cats name is sugar and she loves them mousy’s
My Kitten Loves it
Jul 07, 2020 ★★★★ Isaluvana
Yes this game is for my 2 month old kitten she loves to play catch the mouse and it’s also good training for hunting !!!
Kitty approved!
Jul 07, 2020 ★★★★★ baba_is_me
Those little pesky mice drove my kitten crazy! I do have to supervise though because of how easy it is for him to close the app and open a different one (guess it can’t be helped, it’s iOS). He almost wrote an email on my behalf before I had the chance to grab the phone from him.
My Cat goes crazy with this app!
Jul 04, 2020 ★★★★★ jdjunaidi
My cat absolutely loves chasing the mice on my iPad! Hopefully you guys can make holes where the mice can do peek a boo.
Cats obsessed, but why pay?
Jun 30, 2020 ★★★★ drawclassic
Dude it’s for my cat.Why would I pay? I just think it’s unnecessary. Also, please make a carpet background as I play on carpet and wood and concrete are unrealistic in my setting. Also PLEASE make a calming game as my kitty just played and he’s trying to eat my hair and almost ripped my eye out. Thanks for this game cuz quarantine makes my cats bored.
Cat Favorite
Jun 26, 2020 ★★★★★ Regiman4000
I’ve created a monster‼️😀😆 Tried this on a whim and a joke but this is literally Lucy-fur’s, my indoor/outdoor male cats, favorite past time.. 👍🏻 Problem is, if he sees me with my iPhone or iPad, he quickly jumps on to my lap to look for a mouse. 😆It doesn’t matter what I’m doing on either device, he just assumes there are mice to be found. 😀 I’ve learned to always have the other device available to place on the floor so he will let me do what I need to on the device in my hand. So funny and annoying at the same time. Also, be very aware of what I said.... placing the device on the floor. 😉🙃😊If it is on the foot stool or table he may flip said device onto the floor with his mouse obsession. 🤪I figure flipping the device while on the floor is a bit safer, but like any child this game must be played under close supervision, so my device stays safe from harm. 😃It’s funny and real at the same time, kind of like babysitting a two year old, but with fur and 4 feet. 😉 Great game for him but, my indoor cat and other indoor/outdoor cat could care less. Thanks for some entertainment for me and my cat‼️😊
Kittens love t]his, but...
Jun 21, 2020 ★★★ rsninchicago
My kittens seem To always switch screens or exit the game in full screen mode. They get to play for 10-15bsecinds and then end up using their paws to switch the screen back to the iPad home page or end up pushing something so they are on an options screen during the game. How can I switch that off?
Great for cats and kids!
Jun 07, 2020 ★★★★★ Jens4littleducks
My senior cat loves it. The best part is watching him try to find it UNDER the iPad Pro when it goes out of view. He has even fallen off the bed after a particularly active game. My daughter has fun with the mini games. She will tap tap tap tap tap tap until I’m fully annoyed. She gets upset if I “kick her off” it. BTW she is 20. She has what I refer to “flexible maturity”.
Interesting for some cats
Jun 07, 2020 ★★★★★ Stuartpa
This is a great game for my female cat, no introduction required. The squeals are what she appears to love. My. Other cat runs away from it the minute he gets a squeak. He seems afraid of it. But as I got it for my little princess, I am well pleased. I’ll try turning the sound off to see if the little guy with play it then. Good one.
Entertainment for hours
Jun 03, 2020 ★★★★★ Ame Cummins
You may have to buy your cat its own phone because mine is obsessed and tries to steal my phone away. He just got out of the house and went up a tree. I brought my phone over with the game and hit the mouse a couple of times and he came right down. Makes my heart happy.
Bugsy approves!❤️
May 23, 2020 ★★★★★ BinkaM
My cat loves this so much!!! He likes to play when he’s laying in my bed on my iPad it’s so cute 😍 I’m definitely recommending this to my friends who have cats too because this is just adorable haha!😃
Jul 01, 2020 ★★★★★ Clearly Boss
This is all my cats favourite app
This game is PAWSOME!!!!!!!😻😻😻
Jun 09, 2020 ★★★★★ Potatoechips5
I love it so much! It may have took Elliott (my cat) a while to figure it out but when he did he loved it! My cat will claw at my iPad to play the game!This game is wonderful!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
My cat owns my iPad now...
Jun 06, 2020 ★★★★ Heatbomb86
I don’t often write reviews but my cat loves this app so much that if I pick up my iPad he comes to look for some mice, even watching me hopefully now. I think he played with it for an hour straight once. If possible to have a feature to override the app swiping function would be good since he’ll often swipe the game away playing so much.
It helps a lot!
May 20, 2020 ★★★★★ himikowu
My cat seems bored mostly but he loves to watch mouses! He’s 4 years old and a fat tabby so he just watches it and I must say it’s probably good he’s lazy because he would’ve broke my screen lmao anyways i love it tysm
Not good
May 14, 2020eatnocat
My cats did not like it she showed no interest in the game
Mar 03, 2020 ★★★★★ Yetibabouin
Super mes chats l’adores
No sounds anymore (FIXED)
Feb 14, 2020 ★★★★★ BlindedBlood
My dog was use to play with this app but there’s no more sounds since the latest update. My dog isn’t playing that anymore since the sounds was making him happy... Would change for a five If the sounds come back. Edit: Newest update of IOS make it work again. As promise, I changed my note for a five because it is a great app and my dog would rate it 100 If he could.
My cat is obsessed
Jan 18, 2020 ★★★★★ Brak!
So my cat loves this game so much that she will bug people for their phones like a stupid child...i paid for the full version and I definitely don’t regret it at all...10/10 recommend if you have a cat
My cats love this
Jan 07, 2020 ★★★★★ Superscope68
Both of my cats love this! The only down side is that every time I take out my phone, they attack it!
Excellent game for cats
Dec 06, 2019 ★★★★★ Human Mom
My cat is 17 y and after playing this game, he was more energetic. It was almost as if it gave him a boost to life. Now he comes to us and asks for the game. I am going away for a weekend and we had to add it to my husbands iPad because our cat wouldn’t stop “asking” for the game. Thanks for a great game.
It’s too good!!
Jun 15, 2019 ★★★★★ Sajeer Jamal
My kitten loves it so much I can’t even use it. She keeps biting the phone 😂
Ok but free squeak no longer works
Apr 07, 2019 ★★★ FNSC
I’ve tried the trouble shooting and the squeak just doesn’t work
My Kitten Loves This!
Apr 03, 2019 ★★★★★ Melandheripad
My kitten is addicted to this game. She will play it until I make her stop. She comes and taps the closed iPad to get me to open it. Lots of fun!
So much fun!
Feb 13, 2019 ★★★★★ trans_at_sailor
I thought my cats would not chase a mouse on a screen. They LOVE this. The sounds are great addition and the moving tail is nice touch. How do you prevent a screen addiction in cats...Ha ha.
Cats love it
Feb 08, 2019 ★★★ Charmeddigitalchick
My cats are absolutely addicted to this game! Everytime i use my ipad, they immediately start smacking the screen. The only issue i have is that even though i paid for this app and downloaded it on several devices, it keeps asking me to repurchase it. That needs to be fixed. I would give this five stars if it allowed me to download the unlocked version without having to pay for it again.
Jan 22, 2019 ★★★★★ P🥔tat🥔 man
My cat loves this app she runs up and down the halls hits a mouse and starts running again so great app
Cat approved
Dec 16, 2018 ★★★★ AndyMarie85
My cats have tried them all, they seem to like this one the best, probably because it squeaks, and it’s twitchy tale lol. Adorable!
Dec 08, 2018 ★★★★ gin tin pin lin
My cat played for like half a hour 😋
Mouse for Cats seller: Petr Venek
Dec 02, 2018$Alex$Z
🗓Sunday, December 2, 2018 🕰15:15 Dear creator/maker and seller of game, The 🔊sound of squeeking of a🐭mouse/of 🐁🐀mice is non existant (now broken). It has been like this since aleast about 🗓🍂🍁🌾Octber 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ Before that there use to be sound available. What hapened? Did you decide to make the sound a feature that people now have to perchase? If it’s not working do to changing it to a purchase item then P L E A S E fix the S O U N D. THANK YOU W. G.-Z.
great game, but....
Nov 29, 2018 ★★★★★ wart123456
I really want to pay for this amazing game, for some reason I get a message: purchase not allowed
Nov 10, 2018 ★★★★★ My husband's Chef
My cats loved this app. They actually come and ask for the iPad. Now I have to share the iPad. Lol
Great sounds
Sep 10, 2018 ★★★★★ LURL B
My kitten loves it! I got a tablet for her and it keeps her entertained for hours! Yay!
Aug 03, 2018 ★★★★★ Harleythecat
This is the first game my cat is actually addicted to. If I touch my iPad, Harley (the cat) gets excited and gets ready to play.... which he will for hours.....until he falls asleep with his head on the iPad.....too cute, thanks ^..^
Okay, if your cat has a good attention span
Jul 14, 2018 ★★★ Dua Awesomeness
At first my cat didn't notice. When he started playing he kept biting my ipad. When the mouse ran off the screen he walked away
My cat is addicted to this game
Mar 25, 2018 ★★★★★ Mrs.Hamman
This is really an amazing and super well thought out game for cats but it has taken over my life. I can no longer work in peace because as soon as I pick up my iPad pro my cat wont leave me alone until she has at least played 30 minutes of this game. She has figured out how to close my apps now. Her understanding of electronic devices has surpassed all expectations. I now need to sit at my desktop computer and work and can no longer enjoy a lazy day in bed working. Thank you for making my cat happy and ruining my life.
Oh oh!
Nov 26, 2017 ★★★★★ B.S. 3.0 Junkie
Thanks a lot. Now I have to buy my kittens their own iPad for Christmas!
1 out of 2 cats love it!
Oct 08, 2017 ★★★ Squeaky star
Can't get the free squeak sound and I see no contact info for the developer. Their webpage doesn't have any info either. My big guy enjoys it regardless. Now he's napping from hard a morning of hunting.
Aug 15, 2017 ★★★★★ Amy_vee
My cat loves it, she could play with it all day. Knocked my phone off the table a few times though :)
Feb 25, 2017 ★★★ KELSEY@
Hahaha it says 4+ years old Is the cat years or human years
Please add!
Dec 21, 2016 ★★★★★ Ohmeoh101
My cat loves this game! He spends hours playing! But he always ends up hitting something and going out of the game! Please add a app lock so the cats can't exit the game without the human doing it!!!
Hilarious to watch
Sep 11, 2020 ★★★★★ LightAndTangey
My two cats were confused and spent plenty of time playing, while I was loving watching them try to find the mouse under the iPad. Fun for cats and humans alike!
Perfect game for cats!😺🐈
Aug 11, 2020 ★★★★★ Abacado 🙂
This game is perfect if you want to keep your cat entertained it has different levels and scores how many points your cat gets. The best part about it is the sound effects. The sound effects is like the cherry on top. I’ve been searching everywhere for a game with sound effects like mice for ages and I finally found it. Thanks! This game is my new favourite game for all of my 8 cats!. I love watching most of my cats surrounding the iPad screen it’s hilarious. Keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
So Good!
Jul 02, 2020 ★★★★★ *&d
My Cat goes crazy over this. He even broke my iPad doing this. He flipped it and it landed on the wall. I highly recommend this app. 😻👍🥰
Apr 11, 2020 ★★★★★ SavvyLeafpool
My cat thought it was going to come off the screen and when I took back my iPad she bit the side to try and keep it🤣🤣🤣
Dec 31, 2019 ★★ natarleeah
My kitten loves this game but the new ad banner prevents me from making custom selections. I was even willing to pay to unlock all features but I can’t even do that because of the banner. PLEASE FIX!
Best game
Nov 15, 2019 ★★★★★ 0069bond0069
My kitten loves this, she has gotten to 190 hits Every time the mouse runs of the screen she pokes her head behind the iPad, great game thanks
Ad covers content.
Sep 22, 2019 ★★★★ Al3xth3li0n
So annoyed!! Just downloaded the app & this add pops up covers half the page!! I reported it, excited the app & refreshed it multiple times but it refuses to go away 😭 pls fix this !!!
Aug 09, 2019 ★★★★★ Rak98
My cat really got into this, he was holding on to the mouse’s tail and trying to eat it.
Jul 11, 2019 ★★★★★ Gteat game
My third cat roo, thinks it’s coming out of the screen. I’m dying, it’s so funny! She keeps peeking her head under the iPad, the most hits she’s gotten is 88, because she was going bizzare! I rate this 5/5!
Best games ever
Nov 23, 2018 ★★★★★ spacegirl64
Hi there just wanna say well done this cat game is awesome my sister's kitten/cat ABSOLUTELY loves this game every time I put It on he starts play u got 5/5 keep going and plz make more cat games thx
Aug 25, 2018 ★★ Zutemaster
You must turn off zoom before playing game.
Aug 21, 2018 ★★★★★ Brittttttdogggggaaaaaa
My cats love this app 😂😂
Oct 25, 2015 ★★★★ Lisaohlala
Mon chat s est pas amusé
App bellissima
Oct 14, 2015 ★★★★★ Cetty2
Davvero un bel gioco , i miei gatti non vedono l'ora di giocarci
Sep 07, 2020svjvlsskcocctg
Mijn kat wil dit niet spelen en is heel erg raar geworden hier door
Sep 05, 2020 ★★★★ thiago scheepers
The game is really fun for my cat and it’s funny to look at but the sound doesn’t work and there are ads in front of the other mouses
Haha she is trying to eat it! Nice
Jul 08, 2020 ★★★★★ Herman123poepaanzijnknie
Its very funny to watch
Mouse clicker
Jul 05, 2020 ★★★★★ nalasouris
Ik vind het een super leuk spel vooral het geluid vond mijn kat super leuk en dat hij beweegt
Apr 04, 2020 ★★ twiamhatc
Dit spel is misschien leuk om naar te kijken voor katten dan maar als ze hun pootje op het scherm doen dan is er nog steeds 0 hits terwijl ze de muis raken
Watch, Bite and hit!
Sep 24, 2017 ★★★★★ liedsje
My two cats love this game! They recognize the squeeking sound after playing iT only once. They like to watch the mouse for a while before attacking it.. sometimes brutaly. The one cat hits it, the other bites it.
Beste spel voor katten
Mar 02, 2016 ★★★★★ EvolutionLover
Ik heb het spel gedownload indien ik al vele katten games heb geprobeerd zonder succes. Toen ik op start gedrukt heb, gelijk op de grond gezet en aan mijn katten gegeven! Ze zijn er weg van, hun highscore zijn 23! Heel erg bedankt voor dit leuke, gratis katten spelletje! Als je een kat hebt, DOWNLOADEN! Echt een aanrader!
Mouse changes
Nov 15, 2014 ★★★ Krizzle84
Too bad you can't set the mouse skin yourself, my cat responds a lot more to the realistic mouses than te plastic ones.. And the sound is really quite unrealistic aswel..
Dec 19, 2019 ★★★★★ hfxupeepvupuv
Почему не получается поменять уровень сложности? Количество мышей , левл? А так, круто, коты довольны)
Класс! То что нужно!
Oct 02, 2018 ★★★★★ Файлов
То что нужно
Нужны параметры скорости
Jan 23, 2015 ★★★★ Кот Ерошка
Нет настройки скорости движения мышки... Слишком вяло передвигается)) а так неплохо, реклама не достает пока) кот заценил, но хватает его не на долго, он любит динамику!)))
Nov 25, 2014 ★★★★★ Анлинка
Мой котенок неотрывно охотится за этой мышкой, интересное и забавное приложение для ваших пушистых друзей)) бонус- мышка меняет окраску с серией кликов) вообщем всем советую, лучшее бесплатное приложение^_^
Cat interests
Jan 25, 2014 ★★★★★ NnnnCobalt
Better than $2 game
My cat loves it
Nov 15, 2020 ★★★★★ tigerlillyistig
My cat loves this game she thinks it’s a real mouse she is always playing with stuff around the house and when we put Christmas decs up she just plays with all the borballs so when I showed her this game she loved it when I’m on my phone all she does is come and rub my hand for more she even try’s to get the mouse when it goes of the screen she is waghting for it to come out the phone she try’s to eat the mouse when she has court it it’s so cute
Can’t change the settings??
Nov 11, 2020 ★★★ Taylor Swift Lover 🤩
Soo first of all there is ALWAYS an ad at the top of the screen covering all the skins, and it won’t let me click to put on two mice, so I’m stuck with the same mouse and normal game mode 🥺☹️ but my cat loves it
Great game
Sep 19, 2020 ★★★★★ hsbsdb
Absolutely great my kitten loves it download it and see how great it is I'm not lying
Ads ruin what could possibly be a good app
Jun 27, 2020HannibalVexor
I just was unable to select anything. The adverts got in the way of all the options so o could use sound or anything. Without those options my cats were just not interested
May 23, 2020 ★★★★★ Wild_dreams
My kittens practically stole my iPad. When my cats are playing they start paring at it and meow. This game is AWESOME and is worth getting. My cats LOVE IT and always LOVES IT when I put it on. I highly recommend this app
Sound wouldn’t work
Apr 10, 2020jadey's kitty
No sound
One thing that I am not sure is supposed to happen...
Mar 01, 2020 ★★★★ Belle Manuel
Well you know you have to touch the mouse?well when I tap it I get to excited and I accidentally dragged the mouse and as I dray the mouse it followers my finger but I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happed.bit everything else is ok 👍
Cat is not amused
Feb 04, 2020 ★★ Bewdley Porteress
Just tried this with my cat..... she just sat there and watched the screen, didn’t interact with it whatsoever, so rate 2 stars.
Great fun
Jan 12, 2020 ★★★★ fredacat
Really good. Kittens mesmerised. Only problem is that they try to find the mouse under the iPad. So gets a bit out of control at times 🙀🙀🙀 and dog is obsessed and gets very competitive and spoils everything 🤣🤣🤣 but for £2.99? Great value fun.
Not good, cat not interested
Nov 08, 2019 ★★ tree person with fingers
Not good. My cat is not interested Do not by Waste of time
Oct 06, 2019 ★★★★★ Hekdnekndsmnd
Although its a cat game my dog loved it!
My kitten loves it!
Oct 06, 2019 ★★★★★ played this game for 3 years
We have only had a kitten for not a long time her name is Nala she is always trying to climb on my iPad while I’m playing roblox and games like that this game and the fish game is her new fave game the only way I could get my iPad off of her Is a treat!
Zero response
Sep 04, 2019JenT83
Neither of my cats showed the slightest interest in this! Also, couldn’t change the settings. If I had been able to make the mouse go faster, they might have paid more attention.
Nicely done but no sound?
Jun 24, 2019 ★★★ PendlePoppins
Whichever setting I choose for sound nothing happens!
Jun 16, 2019 ★★★★★ shalom_jomar
Took all of 30 seconds for our 2 rescue cats (Siamese and a Burmese) to take part , they absolutely love it. Well done the developer, what a great game for cats (and dare I say humans playing with them :)
Cat loves it
May 18, 2019 ★★★★★ sheopavsnekapebrbd
When ever the iPad is on my cat, Gus is always there waiting until I go onto the game😂
Apr 14, 2019 ★★★ Capricornwhite
My cats love this game. If I ever need them out of a room or to call them, start the game, a couple of squeaks later and they’re there. For some reason, I can’t change any of the options though. This is really annoying.
Happy cat and kitten
Jan 02, 2019 ★★★★★ T_29
My kitten has so much energy, I just put this game on and she loves it! My older cats also love playing with this game, nice and colourful and simple! Would recommend getting a screen protector 😬
No sound
Dec 24, 2018 ★★★ Suzanne555
Cat likes it but I can’t get the sound to work, sound on full - no squeak, disappointing.
My lazy cat
Nov 25, 2018 ★★★★ Roseiey
This app proved just how lazy my car is, she got excited but would only nice her head 😅
Nov 02, 2018 ★★★ Danicorn ap
Quite good. However my cat wasn’t that interested. Will keep trying lol 😻😻
my cat loves it
Sep 07, 2018 ★★★★ Leah😻🌸
my cat never usually plays with apps and games i’ve tried countless times to try to get her to play with one, but with this one she was staring at it for a good 10 minutes and tried to hit the mouse a few times!
No squeak
Aug 19, 2018 ★★★ Seren-:)
The mice aren’t making any noise so my cat isn’t really interested. He’s a Bengal and loves the YouTube videos with squeaky mice but without the noise it doesn’t get his attention
Best for cats: Purrr fun
Jun 14, 2018 ★★★★★ The Lady Devourah
My 1 year old Bengal loves this game more than others I’ve tried. She loves the random types, realistic movements and squeaky noises (or maybe that’s just me) — they even look like (the mice) are breathing! LOL Endless fun! Best cat toy in the App Store. Well worth it!
This is really good
May 14, 2018 ★★★★★ Luv_your_lip_gloss
My cat will sleep next to my iPhone 8 Waiting for me to turn it on and even my brother uses it for himself!!!
My cat has now stolen my iPad
May 13, 2018 ★★★★★ Foxyroadie
I was a bit unconvinced when I first got this but straight away - and still, even after a month - my cat loves this game. He sits and watches it for ages. Highly recommended, though not if you’re not keen on giving your own iPad to your cat..!
Mar 25, 2018 ★★★★★ Amazing style
I got this for my grandmas cat and it’s so funny to watch her try catch the mouse putting her paw on the screen she even look behind the iPad 😂😂
My cats are addicted
Mar 09, 2018 ★★★★★ Lesley FB
It took my two cats a couple of goes to understand what to do. Now they follow the iPad around the house, staring at it until I set it up for them. They actually take it turns to play.
My cat is addicted
Jan 25, 2018 ★★★★★ Georgous girl
One of my cats is now addicted to this game, he sleeps next to the iPad in the hope I’ll switch it on for him and will just sit next to me purring hoping his time will come soon. We’ve had to limit him to 30 mins a day and he is not happy about it.
Great fun for you and your cat!! 🐱
Nov 26, 2017 ★★★★★ anniedabannie
I was surprised in a good way about how much Chester loved it! He has great fun with it!
So funny
Sep 21, 2017 ★★★★★ Luluyeah
My cat loves this and keeps hopping all around to try catch those mice! Make sure you have a screen protector when your cat plays this as he/She may scratch the screen! Overall a great game!
Don't pay! Doesn't work!!
Jun 20, 2017Bellamish10
Paid for upgrades and noises, took my money but doesn't work!
Dec 12, 2016lilacLoulou
Totally frustrating. I have purchased all features upgrade but do not have any sounds. I have requested app help but no ticket number given to track progress. I have tried to write this review for the 3rd time as other attempts disappear when message that nickname is taken and you cannot sent without one!
Mouse for cats
Nov 12, 2016 ★★★★★ Chiptv
My cat loved it and managed to score 67 on her first go.
Screen protector recommended!
Oct 07, 2016 ★★★★★ Leticiawhitter
My boy loves this game, he even tries to bite my iPad, so either use an old tablet or make sure it's well protected!
Freaked my cat out!
Jul 17, 2016 ★★★★ Catgirl1986
Definitely better for some cats than others! I put it on my iPad and showed my big alpha male cat. He hissed at it then ran around the room attacking everything! He was convinced something was in the room, really freaked him out! My other, more docile and playful cat was calmer about it but claws on the screen are a big problem. The game works in the sense that cats really do think it's real but use your judgement as to whether that's a good thing for your cat!
Hours of amusement!
Jan 24, 2016 ★★★★★ LouBeccaBee
I put this on my iPad and one of our cats took a shining. She hit the mouse 30 times and was still interested in playing. This definitely works for some cats, unfortunately our other 3 weren't at all interested.
Jan 18, 2016 ★★★★★ Honeybun58
My cat loves it and plays for ages. Put it on a tablet so the screen is bigger. Beware of cats scratching and trying to eat the mouse!
U need a phone u don't mind getting attacked!
Oct 19, 2015 ★★★★★ Buddy and Sox
Great game for my two little kittens, they will play with this for hours if they could! Only problem is they love it that much they physically stalk, attack and bite/scratch at my phone repeatedly!! So if u have an older phone u don't mind getting scratched/chewed up then it's great fun for them!